Internet Marketing for Small Businesses 101, Day 1: Hello

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Hi, and welcome to Day 1 of “Internet Marketing for Small Businesses 101”.

This is a free class for beginners showing you actionable bite-size ways to improve your presence online, get more traffic and get more customers. This class was designed for small business owners who want to take charge of their own internet marketing.  

In this series, we’ll be covering:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube)
  • and more!

This is a beginner class so we’ll try to keep it simple.


The prerequisite for this class is:

  • You have a product or service to sell

This is Day 1, so welcome!   Today is an easy day.

Introduction to Internet Marketing

Internet marketing starts at home, and by home, I mean your website.   (Don’t have a website?  Get a professionally-made website done.)  Although it is entirely possible to create an internet marketing campaign without a website, it makes it infinitely easier to have a website where you can focus all the traffic you are generating to.

Aside from a website, you also need an easily updateable section of your website where you can add new content regularly.   This is called a content management system (CMS) or a blog.  Search engines such as Google love fresh, regularly updated content and having a blog makes it easy to add content to your website.

If you already have a section like that in your site (preferably powered by WordPress), then great.  Make sure you have login details and the proper credentials to be able to update your website and add new posts.

If not, you have 2 choices:

  1. You can have a professionally-made content management system (CMS) or blog integrated into your website.
    This cost money but it’s a good investment into your website since you will be able to update your website often, which is very important for SEO.  
  2. You can create a free blog at  
    This would be separate from your website so it’s not the most ideal, but it will do.  The good thing is, once you are ready to have the blog professionally integrated to your site, you can just export all your posts and import them into your site.

Task for the day

Every lesson, we’ll give you a few actionable tasks that you can accomplish very quickly.  This shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes and should get you closer to your internet marketing goal!

  • Login to the administrative interface of your blog.
    Feel free to poke around.
  • Publish your first blog post.
    It can be something as simple as hello and introduce yourself or your business.
  • View your published post on your website.
    Pat yourself in the back for a job well done!


Please share in the comments below:

  • Say hello to your classmates.
  • Leave your website address.
  • What do you want to learn from this class?

See you tomorrow for Day 2 of Internet Marketing for Small Businesses 101.

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About the Author

Honey Silvas is an internet marketing strategist at Silver Honey Media, a Manatee advertising agency.  She helps local businesses grow using SEO, SEM and other internet marketing techniques.


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