Currently our favorite wedding ceremony location is the Old Sheldon Church Ruins. It’s just a really romantic place with lots of character. It’s in Beaufort, South Carolina near Yemassee, SC.

The Old Sheldon Church was previously known as  Prince William Parish Church and was organized and funded in 1740’s and 50’s by William Bull, whose plantation bordered the church grounds.  It  was set on fire during the Revolutionary War and again on January 14, 1865 during the “March to the Sea” Campaign.

Address: Old Sheldon Church Rd
Yemassee, SC 29945
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To book or reserve this venue for your wedding, please contact: St. Helena’s Parish church in Beaufort, SC

Telephone Number: (843) 522-1712
The service has to be preformed by an ordained minister as one of their rules.

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Here is the exterior shot of Old Sheldon Church Ruins.

Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Here is what it looks like from the inside. You can see the altar in the middle. The priest and groom are standing by the doorway while the wedding guests are waiting to start the wedding ceremony.

Old Sheldon Church Ruins

Bridesmaids preparing to go to the wedding ceremony.

Bridesmaids carrying flowers

Friend uses her dress to wipe of the water from the bouquet. That’s what friends are for, isn’t it?

Friend wiping bouquet

The bride with ray of sunlight.

The beautiful bride

A black and white portrait of the radiant bride.

Bridal Portrait

Here is the bridesmaids and groomsmen walking in during the bridal procession.

Bridal Party Walking

Here is a shot of the interior of Old Sheldon Church Ruins with the groom waiting for the bride.

Interior Old Sheldon Church Ruins

The Bride walks in with the father.

Bride with father walking in

Here is the bride and groom at the altar.

Bride and Groom at altar

It wasn’t just us covering the event. There was this professional videographer covering the wedding too.

child videographer

Here is an interior shot of Old Sheldon Church Ruins.
Interior of Old Sheldon Church

Even the trees behind Old Sheldon Church Ruins look fabulous.  The setting serves as a romantic backdrop for the beautiful bride and groom.

Fairytale Bride and groom

The reception was held in the Air Station in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Aren’t those bridal boots to die for?

Groom getting garter from boots

Bridesmaids show their stuff.

Lovely bridesmaids showing their stuff

A military hat and bridal bouquet.

Military Hat and Bouquet

A bride and groom dip.

Bride and Groom Dip