Simple Flashcards Mobile App

A simple flashcards mobile app written in Corona SDK and Lua.


How to install

  • Download the code.
    • Download the source code for Simple Flashcards Mobile App to your local computer by clicking the button that says “Download ZIP”.
    • Unzip the file to your desktop.
  • Open the app.
    • Start the Corona Simulator.
    • Click File > Open Project, then open the main.lua file.
    • You should be able to run the app.


Works on Android, Amazon and Nook.


You can download a full version of this app at There is also a more complete mobile version (full app with images, sound, menus) and a web version of this app.
The source code for the apps are also available on my Github account.


This is released under the GPL license so feel free to use.


Contributions are most welcome! Fork, create a pull request at GitHub or email me for more information.


  • Honey Silvas
  • (Add your name here by contributing!)

Help and Support

For questions, corrections, comments or suggestions, please contact me at: